Metamorphosis Alpha


The game takes place on an enormous ship, the Starship Warden. The ship began construction on the year 2277 and was completed at the Trans-Plutonian Shipyards. The ship was destined for Alpha Centauri , but only partway into its journey tragedy struck, leaving the ship badly damaged and out of control.

The the game takes place in the year 2525, centuries after the accident which damaged the Starship Warden. Players create characters who generally have no knowledge of high tech equipment, often living in primitive circumstances.

In the game, radiation, mutants, mutations, crazed robots and other unexpected dangers face players. Character death in Metamorphosis Alpha can be swift (or long, drawn-out and messy) for the careless, the unwary and those who don’t take the hints being provided by their Game Master.

To survive on the Starship Warden three things will be needed:
A stout heart, Common sense, and Swift feet.



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